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Barbara Bullard, creative entrepreneur, publicist, writer and producer serves as a social innovator and catalyst for cultural transformation.   Her commitment to inspire through the medium of storytelling manifests by highlighting the legacies of revolutionaries, such as noted figures tennis great Arthur Ashe and the first African American Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm.  Her process illuminates the transformation of past, present and future tapping into the essence of the unique guidance to enhance sight, sound and texture of the community.


The goal throughout Barbara’s career has always been in empowering legacy as the living waters so that the story never dies but transforms.  Her expertise has also launched the rebranding of a world class performing arts campus (cultural institutions) and the premiere theatre located in the highest concentration of African Americans in the United States. As a publicist she has supported leading actors in their transformation of their unique brands going against standard methods for bold and innovative programming. Barbara’s goal is to continue to work in all forms of media producing critically conscious stories for marginalized voices.


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